Monday, March 19, 2012

Mental Health Day

I don't know about you guys but it is easy to get overwhelmed sometimes. Right now we are about 2 weeks from our spring break and it is much needed! Between work, classes, and life, I need a mental health day!

I feel at times i am constantly playing catch up, but haven't quite felt caught up yet. It seems like something always suffers. When I am caught up in school, my place is in desperate need of cleaning. When i feel caught up with work, my school work falls behind or I forget about an assignment so at midnight am hurrying to finish before class the next day. Its a constant battle of playing catch up and days off do not always feel like a day off, because they are often times spent running around doing the errands that you couldn't accomplish during the work and school days. Oh which makes me think how desperately I am in need of going to the grocery store, because all I have in my fridge is almond milk, and V8 smoothie juice! Plus this girl's cupboards are bare!

So don't you think we all could use a mental health day? I know for me spring break couldn't come soon enough, but I was silly and told work i could work so I am hoping that i can at least get a day or 2 off during that time or I will not really get my mental health day! I think we all get this way about now and all those of us who are graduating and transferring are starting to feel anxiety about the end of this semester and where we will continue on to.

Okay well that's all for today because I have to scurry off to my next class.

As we try and take time for ourselves, remember to do the little things like smile at a stranger. You never know that you may have made a person's day ten times better from a smile gesture!


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