Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

I hope everyone remembered to set their non digital clocks forward and so that no one was late for anything! My internal clock seems to be waking me up regularly at 6am everymorning, and on Sunday it was no different...I still woke up at 6am, which was actually like 5am! I was just glad that I was able to go back to sleep because the worst is waking up and not having to be awake that early!

Okay so I really try and reduce stress in my life. In my Sociology of Gerontology Class we could do an assignment for extra credit. If you go to the website it will calculate your real age according to your body, and many other factors. So I did the test, and even though I am slightly younger than my actual age after taking the test, I want to be able to bring that down. Well sometimes I ask mysylef how do I not get stressed out, when life is beyond our control. When I can control things I feel less stressed. I think that is normal for everyone, but you can't control life. I have tried to not wait for the last minute on deadlines, and homework and such, but there always seems to be one thing I forget about and then I have to hurry up and get it done before its too late. I try and eat healthy and excercise on a regular basis, which helps with stress. What do you guys do when you feel stressed or anxious? I would love to hear any useful tips to help get my biological age down! The little things in life that I will never be able to control, I know that I need to not try and worry about them as much as I do. Worry I believe also causes stress, and often times I have noticed I worry about things for no reason. I myself am trying to let more worry go in my life. But like many bad habits, it is easier said then done. But we are almsot to spring break you guys! we have made it to this point and I would like to challenge you all, as I challenge myself, to break one bad habit and turn it into a fantastic habit. New years resolutions are made to be broken, so I never make any. Plus its not the new year anymore, so what bad habits can you give up before spring break that will help your bilogogical age make you younger in years to come?

Life is short we all know that, but how we live and what we do can drastically decrease or increase our time here on earth. Happy Monday everyone and I look forward to hearing what bad habits you are going to kick starting now!

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