Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This is the story of Tim.

It’s easy for a man to have children rather than be a real father. However, Tim wasn’t that type of father.  He’s the Dad that goes to the basketball game, coaches your little league team and fights tooth and nail for custody.  From a young age, Tim fought for fellow students that were being picked and volunteered his time to local community organization. He was the type of guy that should have excelled in school. But his story starts years before he became a father.
            Growing up in Downey, Tim grew up as a proud member of the working middle class. Yet, his family taught him the value of giving back to others that are less unfortunate than him. For instance, his family would volunteer to feed the homeless, work in community centers and help anyone in need. As a result, it wasn’t a question that Tim would marry his high school sweetheart after hearing that her brothers and sisters were about to enter the foster care system. Tim raised children that weren’t his own to prevent them from experiencing the same loss that he experienced of an absent parent. Unfortunately, their marriage fell apart after Tim discovered that his wife was cheating on him. She couldn’t handle being thrown into a marriage at such a young age. David, their two year old son was caught in the middle. Tim’s wife started to get involved in heavy partying, smoking weed and excessive drinking; anything that would make her forgets.
            Tim’s paternal instinct took over. He snatched David out of the custody of his mother because of fear that she was putting him in harm’s way. Thankfully, months of litigation resulted in Tim getting custody of David. Tim gave up his hope of going to college to be the father that he never had. He got a job working a minimum wage job that he HATED! After years of working that job, Tim got the opportunity to go back to school. His grandmother qualified for reduced housing which made it possible for him to stop working and go to community college. For the first time Tim got the chance to do something for himself. He was able to go to the one place he called home. Furthermore, Tim is able to live off the financial aid and private scholarships that allow him to provide for his son.
            Tim shows the power of love. His love for his son gave him the power to overcome any challenges life throw at him. Fullerton College gave him a second chance! Although he isn’t a straight A student, he has the most to lose. Tim is like many students on Fullerton’s campus taking life day by day. 

-Nora Matti

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