Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Great & Special Moments

Happy Veterans Day! 

I hope everyone is enjoying an extra day off from classes and hopefully work too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women who serve in all branches of the United States military: Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Army, and Air Force. Without them we would not have the freedom we have today. And let us not forget that freedom is not free, it comes at a cost that these men and women are willing to take to ensure our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

As many of you know and I may have mentioned this in my last blog, in case I didn’t Proposition 30 passed. This means the course means the reduction of courses offered for next year will either not be as significant or no reductions at all. It’s still a bit too soon to tell, but this is great news for Fullerton College; not to mention it was just announced last week that Fullerton will be offering courses this summer! CSU’s will re-open their doors this Fall and students will have a chance to transfer out in the Fall 2013 or Spring 2014. I know for me this is great since my anticipated transfer date is Spring 2014!

I know some were under the impression that if Prop 30 passed the courses offered this Spring would be more that what are currently offered. What many do not understand is how far in advance courses must be scheduled and due to the uncertainty courses were scheduled based on the uncertainty of Prop 30, but don’t despair with Summer courses being offered and no cuts anticipated for Fall 2013 & Spring 2014; there should be plenty of courses for current students. For those of you who were able and did go out and vote, it was you who made the difference and you should be extremely proud for making education in California affordable again!

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Veterans are the great American heroes. Your patriotism and your willingness to sacrifice are deeply appreciated by our country and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.” – Ricardo Sanchez

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  1. I know this is about fullerton college but cypress college WILL be offering more courses because of the passing of Prop 30!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!