Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I don't know about the rest of you, but I've already got a lot to do and it's only the second day of the new semester.

Admittedly, it may be because I'm taking five classes this semester.

If you applied to UCs or CSUs, though, you probably are aware that the start of the new semester also signals that the deadlines for submitting the Transfer Academic Update (UCs) and the CSU Supplement (which possibly might only be for CSULB? I'm not actually sure) are approaching.

Parts of the forms can be a little bit confusing. Fortunately for me, my counselor is incredibly helpful and walked me through the parts I was having trouble with. Here are some of the issues I had filling out the TAU/supplement and how to deal with them-- I'm sure at least some of you are having the same problems:
  •          (TAU) If you're using AP credit from high school to fulfill any of the transfer requirements, the form probably won't let you enter it. What I did-- to fulfill an English composition requirement with my APEL score-- is mark that I hadn't taken a class to fulfill the requirement and wasn't planning to, and then specifically list that I was using my score of _ on the APEL test to fulfill one of the English composition requirements. It seems a little weird, but the FAQ on the side of the page essentially says to do... well, that.
  •         (CSULB supplement) If you've attended another college before or at the same time as FC, it can be confusing when the CSULB supplement asks for your total GPA from all transferrable college credits. From my understanding, this means you calculate the GPA based on every college course you've taken from every institution you've taken it from. For instance, I included all the courses I took at UCSD last year and FC this past semester. Then, you calculate your GPA:
    In my case, since UCSD is on the quarter system and CSULB and FC are both semester system universities, I had to take the additional step of converting my units at UCSD to semester units before adding it in with everything else.

Those were my main issues, but hopefully if you're filling out any supplements or updates, you've got more of a handle on it than I did!

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