Sunday, January 5, 2014

Santa Barbara

I just got back from vacation in Santa Barbara. I went down there to see an old friend and just visit the city itself because I had never been. I had a wonderful time. Santa Barbara is a super chill place with nice people and a beautiful landscape. 

The community college is overlooking the shore. The campus has wide open spaces, grass fields and fountains everywhere. There is cliffs overlooking the shore where it seems that people have placed chairs and different furniture so you can sit and watch the waves go by all day.

One thing I did find interesting is that there seems to be a fascination with getting rid of furniture. Anywhere you walk in the neighborhood where we were you could find couches, chairs, televisions, and tables of all different varieties. You could furnish a house with all the things you find.

The apartments we were staying at were gorgeous. There was flowers, fresh fruit growing on the trees, and beautiful plants all around the complex. The only downside was that it was sort of a walk to the beach or to get groceries and anything else you might need. Overall Santa Barbara is a beautiful city and it was a great time.

Keep it chill

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