Monday, January 20, 2014

Sources for motivation

In an earlier blog, I wrote that one’s self-love will provide the motivation one needs to see through the inevitable hardships that life throws at us. It is because you love yourself that you continue to pursue your goals, and put forward the energy and work needed to improve yourself.

Love of self is not the only thing that will work to provide motivation to continue. That you love anything at all will work equally as well. Just loving something.

You can fill in that blank with anything that suits you. Yes, some people choose themselves. Self-love does work. Some people choose a religious, theological focus to their love. That works, as well. Some choose to put their love toward some collective group, as family, or country, or even all humanity, or the planet, etc. It could even be as small a group as the romantic relationship we have in our life. A love for those will work as well for providing motivation.

If you love something, you will work towards improving yourself, for the sake of that thing. Self, a higher power, country, family, humanity, a partner… Love will supply you with an inexhaustible amount of motivation to continue to work, to get out of bed each morning and make each day better. When you truly, deeply love something, it won’t be any problem to find the motivation; it will spring from your being, effortlessly.

And if you don’t love anything — then, yeah, you’ll need to look at that. Deeply.


Dave Roel.
We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can get from life.
- William Osler

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