Friday, January 17, 2014

Done with sharing

I think I'm done with sharing. Sharing seems dead. I want everything pouring into one stream, preferably an RSS stream. Everything worked fine for awhile, around 2008-2011. I had my RSS shares from Google Reader, my Twitter and blogs and podcasts and mailing lists and YouTube uploads, etc., pouring into my Friendfeed stream, and from there, I could direct that stream wherever I wanted. Then Google Reader died, and there is no web-based RSS reader that provides a one-click-to-RSS-feed ability. Every RSS reader I know of allows you to share to individual platforms, but not to a single RSS stream. I would have to share to, say, a Blogger blog, and use the RSS stream from that. More clicks than I want, and the results are pretty poor — no picture, just the headline, etc. Friendfeed died, will no longer update any feeds. I use RSS Graffiti to import each feed one by one into Facebook, but now that's breaking down, no longer updating some feeds. I can always configure something, but it's clear that it's going to become an endless, continual job, patching and updating, because services constantly die. I can get everything where I like it, and then it's gone bad six months later, and I'll have to patch it up a different way. I don't feel like doing that. So I think I'm done with sharing. There's no way to do it anymore. The only things I really post anymore are my Twitter quotes, Steve Barnes and Kenneth Smith, none of which anybody cares about or is paying attention to, anyway.

Here’s a cartoon.

"The Ancestor" by Darlingside – Official Music Video from Crazy Lake Pictures on Vimeo.


Dave Roel.
There is no greater burden than a lot of potential hanging around your neck.
- Charles Schulz

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