Friday, January 31, 2014

Why is my toe blue?

Incredibly, my done with sharing post got the third-highest number of hits of my posts this month. That's interesting, as, appropriately, I did not share it to my various social streams. So that might mean that there are people following my posts independently. Hello. Glad you're reading. It'd be nice to meet you sometime.

Here's another author you should try. R. A. Lafferty is an absolutely delightful writer. He wrote some novels, but his main contribution to posterity and what you mainly want to pay attention to are his short stories. He wrote gnomic, puckish, playful, whimsical, mischievous, snarky, and sharp and clever stories, full of intelligence, myth and subtle, wry humor and philosophy. He's worth reading if you want to see the world through the eyes of a bizarrely skewed perspective. Recommended.

If you have any appreciation for art, check out Piranesi. Elegantly designed gothic structures, meticulously rendered. Ornate, architecturally precise constructs, labyrinthine dungeons, fantastic towers, magnificent in their splendor and ruin. Gorgeous, lush artwork. Evocative worlds of intrigue and mystery. Powerful, gorgeous, astounding work. Simply breathtaking. You can spend hours. Dive in.

Have you considered how much of history is lost? Most of our records are incomplete. The Library of Alexandria was burned, and was known to contain many histories and records. We have little indications of what the ancient Greeks read and studied, and their civilization went back further than we have records of. They had legends of civilizations going back thousands of years before them. Almost all lost. What we have is really just reconstruction and guesses. Amazing.

Want a cartoon? Sure you do!


Dave Roel.
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