Friday, February 7, 2014

Balance life and school

How do I balance school work with my other obligations?

Time management is an important skill to learn for anyone, but especially for a successful student. I'll explain a little of what it's like for me. Top priority is always class and classwork. I always make sure to attend every class (missing a class is an extreme rarity for me, if for no other reason than I figure, hey, I paid to be here). Classwork should always be done with enough time allocated for it. The main distraction is always the internet, but a little discipline can keep me focused. Several hours a day devoted to reading, studying, doing problems, etc. I never designate a specific time, but slot in more work whenever time is available. As I say, it’s always top priority. My workouts have been cut back to bare essentials -- the main resistance movements and core work, done with my home weights, at home, for about a half hour every two days. Bicycling to school and back for cardio. Nowhere near the full program I’d like to maintain, but it’s serviceable for when time is scarce. Maintaining a relationship with such a schedule can be a trick, but I remind myself that my relationship is truly the most important thing I do. I’m very blessed to have a very understanding partner -- she’d have to be, as a grad student herself. She knows that time is at a premium. But we maintain a text or Facebook connection, as we can. Yes, a full schedule, but doable.

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Dave Roel.
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