Monday, February 24, 2014

I get into conversations

I get into conversations with people. No, there's no Microsoft Word on these computers. I think the computers over there have it. You can just use Google Drive. No, you don't need the @ symbol in front. No, I think you have to be registered in a class in order to use that room. Yeah, that would be a good idea. I'd use it. Probably really expensive, tho. I think you need an ID card to do that. I think you can get one at the student center. Oh, someone is taking chemistry. What are those flash cards? Good idea, I should do that. Redox reactions? What are those? Oh, we just call them chemical equations. Hey, funny shirt. What's that button? Oh, you like them? I haven't heard too much of their stuff. Yeah, I'll have to check them out. Oh really, no, I missed that. No, I don't get to too many shows these days. I used to go to ska shows. Is ska still a thing? Hey, what are you reading? Oh, you're into that stuff? Oh yeah, I've read him. He's one of my favorites, actually. No, I've never heard of him. Yeah, I've heard of him, I haven't read him. Have you ever heard of this guy? Yeah, check him out, I think you'll dig him. There's a lot of information on YouTube and a lot of websites. Go to my web page, I have a list of recommended books I like. Yeah, I'm on Facebook and Google+, add me. Yeah, catch you later.


Dave Roel.
There's more truth in a bigger view.
- Ken Wilber (on the reason for community)

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