Saturday, February 8, 2014

Things to do in Seattle

I actually loved Seattle! It's incredibly different from SoCal-- in many ways, I think, for the better.

Here's some things:

  • It's gorgeous.

  • There's a train you can take that goes from some of the surrounding cities to Seattle, and the view is also gorgeous.
  • There's a sushi fusion restaurant that serves brie tempura.

  • By our standards, it's freezing-- when I was there, the high was 50 degrees.
  • There's an indoor/outdoor marketplace called Pike Place, which you may have heard of. They sell freshly-made donuts and a lot of other things.

  • It's not very crowded.
  • Even when there's a Seahawks game on, despite that they are insane about their football.
  • Contrary to what I've been told, it is NOT the hipster capital of the United States.
  • Everyone's really nice?
  • I get how grunge happened now.
  • Most of what there is to actually do in Seattle involves either bars or coffee shops. 
  • In the case of the latter, most of them close around five or six pm.

My favorite thing about it is just the general atmosphere. Even at night, it feels safe. It's well-planned. It's surprisingly walkable-- and when it isn't, the public transit is fairly efficient. They have trees. They put lights on their trees.

Maybe that's not actually all that special, but to be fair, my main basis of comparison here is LA.

They also have an art museum! A lot of it is Renaissance art, which I personally find boring but unintentionally hilarious, but they have a lot of Native American and African art on display as well.
And then there was this

"Anthony of Padua" by Kehinde Wiley

which was easily one of my favorite pieces in the entire museum. What struck me most is that the style is so original-- the museum described it as something like "traditional Renaissance poses combined with urban contemporary styles."

So if you're ever thinking of going to Seattle, I definitely recommend it.

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