Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Shenanigans

          So last night, I was having mad cravings for some doughnuts. I had just gotten off work at 11--thank god for the 24 hour drive thru, although the lady working the window might not think so; she told me she didn't get off work til 6:30 AM--and I really wanted doughnuts. When I was about to put in my order, I realized they had special edition Valentines doughnuts?! Okay some of you may have known that for awhile but I did not. I have to admit, I felt pretty stupid talking into the monitor. "Yes, hi I would like a chocolate heart and hug...and one kiss.." Oh man I felt so dumb I wondered how the guy on the other side kept a straight voice when saying "Yes ma'am one hug and one kiss for you."
          Wow I do not regret ordering them though. The strawberry icing on good. Also, you get a sheet of Valentine's Day cards, you know the kind when you were in the third grade and you would buy packs of themed Valentines and write one to each person in your classmate? Oh, the good old days where everyone had a Valentine. Anyway, there's 12 cards per sheet, all with cheesy (but so cute) sayings like "Roses are red but doughnuts are sweet" and "My heart is yours" with the "heart" replaced with a picture of a doughnut heart. They're all nicely perforated and ready for you to go, AND each one is good for ONE FREE DOUGHNUT! Yeah so I'm definitely keeping all of these sheets to go claim my dozen later on, heheheh.

          And today, I volunteered at a flower shop! My mom's friend owns a flower shop down in El Monte, and with Valentine's Day being one of the biggest days of the florist calendar, we decided to go donate our time and volunteer. I cannot tell you how many unprepared desperate guys I helped out today. I really can't. Okay fine some of them probably work really hard and really didn't have the time to go pick out a bouquet, but that was certainly not the case for all of them. 
          ONE GUY, okay, one guy had one bouquet all picked out--at a whopping grand total of $150!--and was trying to choose another. He was really really on the fence about it though, so one of the more expert florists tried to help him out. She was like, "well who's this for?" and I swear his whole face turned red and he coughed and just said, "I can't tell you." And the florist stared back at him incredulously and was like "Mother? Daughter? Girlfriend?" The guy didn't budge. "I can't tell you." 
Some of the salesladies began looking at each other and he couldn't make eye contact with us; he probably knew they were all thinking "two girlfriends? One wife one mistress?" 
          Yeah, these are the kind of guys that come in at 8 PM on Valentine's Day. 
          Everything else was pretty fun though; I got to learn how to make my own bouquet and the owner of the flower shop let me keep it! (Maybe because it was too ugly to sell HAHA I don't know). I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day though, whether it be romantic candlelit dinner, a date with Netflix, or a fire ritual in which you burn everything you have left of your ex-significant other, I hope it was a great one. 
          Happy Valentine's Day!

Joy ☼

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