Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Emotional Baggage?

          Hope you all had a great President's Day weekend! Anyways, I stumbled across this site the other day and I think it may be worth a view. It's very simplistic and very no-nonsense, you guys should check it out! 


         This site (which is secretly a music site) lets you anonymously write out the things that are bothering you. If you've been feeling crappy lately, and you have no outlet or anyone to turn to, you go on this site and you can rant and rant and rant and let all your sadnesses out, no strings attached. 

          Okay, I'll explain. It opens up with a page of two suitcases, one that says "Check it", meaning you want to "check" your baggage, or let it out. The other says "Carry it", meaning you help someone else carry their baggage. When one chooses to "carry it", they'll receive something someone posted and can send a link to a song that'll get you through whatever you're going through via youtube, soundcloud, etc and also an uplifting reply to your email. Don't worry, your email is never shown publicly!
           Another upside is, like I mentioned earlier, it's incredibly simplistic. There's no sign-ups required, and the site itself seems to be a soothing relaxant the way it's designed. 

          We're all college students, right? That means something's always bothering us. At least we're no longer in high school, where it was all angst all the time. Now it's more about real-life problems, right? Whatever burden you're carrying, don't carry it alone! It may seem silly, but having an outlet to release all the negative energy you're harboring in your mind can really help, especially if a kind stranger sends you a personalized email with some strength attached to it. 
            And hey, if you are a lucky one whose life is finally coming together, why don't you be the kind stranger? Maybe you just got promoted with a raise at work, or your grades are stellar, or you're all set to graduate this May with a job ready for you and you have absolutely nothing to complain about. Can't hurt to try to make someone else feel as good as you do! All you have to do is click "Carry it", and you'll be presented with someone's post. If it's maybe too heavy for you to carry, there's a "never mind" option.
          It's at least worth checking out! 

Joy ☼

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