Monday, February 10, 2014

Computer lab time

So I have to use the computer lab for a class this semester. I wouldn't have needed to, but I need to print out papers. And I don't own a printer. Actually I do, but dang, toner is expensive. So, computer lab. Go in. Need to establish your account. Not logging on. Oh, you wait ten to fifteen minutes. So, sit and read this essay I found in the recycling bin someone tossed. Learn a little about Hinduism. Now I can log on. Dang, screen resolution is enormous and unusable. Adjust to a reasonable size. Get week's assignment. Print. No money in my account. I need to purchase printing credit. At the bookstore. Pack up, and it's over to the bookstore. Buy printing credit at the counter. Get in line. My Fullerton College ID card is too old (I really should get a new one). They need my ID on something official, like a printout of my schedule. Go into the adjacent registration office, sit at a computer, pull up my schedule, print it. Where's the printer? Ask. By the pillar. Now with my schedule printout, my computer printing account can be activated. I put in ten dollars. At fifty cents per week, that means I should have about two dollars left over at the end of the semester. I guess the remainder could be used as a buffer for additional printings, if that becomes needed. Still feel oddly grumpy about it. Back to the lab. Hey, there's a teacher I took a class with ten years ago. Hey, he's lost weight. Good for him. Get my printing. Success.


Dave Roel.
Things can never touch the soul, for they are external and remain immovable; so that disquiet can arise only from fancies.
- Marcus Aurelius

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