Monday, February 3, 2014


Today I felt so stupid. This semester I'm taking physical anthropology. I walked into class today and everything seemed normal. The professor had not arrived, but it did not seem odd because that happens sometimes.

After about 10 minutes a man with a beard walked in the room and started teaching. At this point I was very confused because i had never heard of a middle aged woman (my anthropology professors previous appearance) turning into a 60 something year old bearded man. 

I knew I had made a mistake when every student pulled out their CULTURAL anthropology book. I realized I was in the wrong class. I packed up my things and left without saying a word to anyone. I went to the library and found out that my class was earlier that day and I had missed it.

Anyways the point is, you have to be sure  that you know when your classes are. I'm not too disappointed or worried because I emailed my professor and told her about my ordeal. Hopefully it works out ok.

Gently tender falls the rain washing clean the slate again


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