Friday, September 24, 2010

Anything but musical talents

If you ask me, I would say I had a successful race. I kept focused and I pulled through. Those last 100 meters, out kicking all those six guys, and the guy that tried to out kick me, shoulder to shoulder we were, and it was just a matter of who would give out first, me or him?

He did. He gave out first. And I pushed through with my body embracing the pain in all of its glory, and those ten seconds, oh those ten seconds, it was eternity rushing through my veins and my bones and my feet, I had come to a point where life just stopped and I didn't care about anything but moving my legs and swinging my arms and these were rusty mechanisms grinding against one another and....something happened, I let go, I was there in the moment and it didn't matter whether I felt like dying, it didn't matter if I felt like throwing up. I had accomplished something, in a way, I had overcome a fear.

And before that, to the guy that crashed and bounced off of the water fountain during the race, I give you props, in some manner, it was beautiful the way you fell.

I ended the day by hanging out with a friend, someone who seems to share the same drive and pursuit about life than I do. We watched these group of brothers and and sister play music, and they just loved it so much.

Oh God, I have no musical talents, anything but musical talents.

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