Monday, September 27, 2010

Talk about deep

I haven't quite gazed at the stars in a while. Like being there just looking up into the night sky, and oh yes, with Bella of course, she's a dog, and she was there laying with me, looking out for me I suppose.

But yes, this is what the heat does to you, it makes you get out of the house and onto the front yard, all to watch the stars and pass the time.

And speaking of this heat wave, it's very terrible haha. I'm very lucky I get to practice in the morning. We did four sets of five 200's. It would have been an easier work out if it wasn't for the high temperature. So on that end, practice was okay. I took an ice bath later, that made it a bit better.

For my psych class I received a C on my test, which is what I expected, but I was really close to a B. I will for sure get a B on the next one.

Other than that, I read a bit for today, "On the Road" by Jack Keraouc. What captured me the most was when he said that sometimes we feel these moments of bliss, and that we can't quite explain what they are because this at some point we felt while being in the womb, in our mothers, and the only way to recreate it is through death. Yeah, talk about deep.

Stay Tuned

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