Saturday, September 18, 2010

The cash register and me

Let's back up a little bit, to yesterday. I worked the cash register for the first time at Rubio's (where I recently got hired) and well, I think it went better than I expected, on account that I still don't know all the menu and especially the ingredients everything contains, but it was still good, after a while I started to get the hang of the basic things, and how to punch them into the order and such, but there were others way more complicated, and yes, it was extremely awkward having to ask, but I really had no other choice, I don't mind asking for help, but it's always gonna be awkward, with customers too, when they ask you for something and I'm just like "huh." I felt like doing that thing that Mr. Krabs does on Spongebob where he goes like "Cashie!!!" Hahaha.

I think I need a lot more practice, even though my next working day is until next Sunday, come on, I should get more than that, maybe it's because I'm still a rookie, that's probably why.

Either way, that cash register is still pretty intimidating to me, but I hope for not much longer.

And today, I was at the cross country meet over at Fair view park, I did not run though, because I had ran last week, so it was the other people's turn to run. But it was fun being there though, just cheering people on. It's so much less stressful when you are not the one running. I guess I'm used to it now, I've been doing this cross country thing for eight years, so yes, I would consider myself a veteran, nevertheless, every time I step onto the starting line, there is still those nerves, but I think that helps.

Also, while being there today, I ran into my old high school team, and I got to say hello to my old coaches, it was rather interesting to do that, it felt good to see them again.

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