Sunday, September 19, 2010

Effort and Hustle

This week has been extremely rough for me. I have never had the meaning of effort and hustle pushed so far into my brain before, in my life. This entire week the only words that I have heard are effort and hustle. Not only are these words important when it comes to water polo but also in my everyday life.

My entire life I was taught to hustle and always do my best at everything I do. "My parents have always told me, "Always work for what you want because nothing will ever be just handed to you." Because of these wise words from my parents and watching them work hard throughout their lives I too learned to hustle. Hard work just came naturally to me because I seen it day in and day out in my household. However, I have realized this week that I lacked the effort and hustle when it came to water polo.

I know that I am talented when it comes to water polo. I'm not saying that I am the best and that I am better than anyone because there are plenty of things I need to work on and all of my teammates are talented as well. On the other hand, I do have confidence in my ability to play well indidvidually and as a team. This week I learned that knowing that I am a good player and showing that I am a good player are completely different. Because of my lack of effort it seems like I am not as good as I really am. I take water polo for granted sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I know that I am good so there is no need to try. That is definitely a misconception. We are trying to win state and with the hard work and effort that all of my teammates are putting in, there is no doubt in my mind that we will. As long as I step up and put the same amount of effort as they do, we will be fine.

Overall, this week made me step back and look at my actions. Not only does my effort and hustle effect me but also the people around me. I have a completely different attitude now and I have become more humble about things. I need to be able to show that I am good but also that there are things that need to be worked on. Thanks to my coach for embedding it so far into my brain on thursday! Friday and saturday were much better days for me.

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