Sunday, December 12, 2010


This past week I have been so stressed out with work and finals and everything else going on in life that I have not had time to have fun or enjoy myself. I have been venting about this all week to my friend, well more like all semester to her, telling her that I need to get out and do something. Because my final is not until Tuesday I decided to go out last night, even though I had only had 20 minutes of sleep the night before.

Going to the party last night was so much fun! I am a very social person so it was not hard for me to meet new people. I was talking to people instantly. It was such a great night. I met a lot of great guys that I am going to be good friends with in the future. I could just tell. hahaha Also, one of the most exciting things I did last night was danced. I know it sounds kind of lame but the cool part about it was that I learned how to dance salsa a little again and a bunch of other different dances. Three different guys were teaching me all kinds of different dances. It was so much fun just letting loose and having a great time and I owe it to my best friend for taking me out with her to her friends party. Another cool thing about last night was that it was not just a normal party. It was a theme party. The theme was "ugly Christmas sweater." Not everyone wore a sweater, but us that did, it was nice to see.

Well, Until my fingers meet the keys,

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