Saturday, December 4, 2010


It’s been cold outside so we’ve turned on the heater at home to warm it up. Because the inside was much warmer than outside, mice came into my house a couple days ago. I never saw them but one of my housemates told me that he saw one around kitchen a few times. So my host mom bought two traps to get them caught. She put them around our kitchen by putting some peanut butter in them. I’ve seen lots of mice on the street on the way to school since I usually walk to school. I’ve been startled a lot of times by the dead and big black mice. And I’ve always hated mice since i was little so I was getting worried. We put the traps last night and haven’t heard any good news yet. Hope they get caught as soon as possible, and their other friends get scared and never come into our house. Oh my gosh, you know what…..? I just saw one of them moving right in front of me while I was writing this. Eeeewwww!!!!!-_-

This semester’s been going pretty great so far. I did well on tests, quizzes and mid terms. Well, I think! :) Finals and the end of this semester are coming up. After the semester, I will probably take a driver’s test even though I am not planning to buy a car in the near future. I heard that when I try to buy a car later, I could pay less for the insurance because I will already have the driver’s license then. Hmm I had one in Korea, but I didn’t drive often and the car wasn’t mine so it will be totally different this time! So exciting to have a license here in California. Seems so cool :) when people ask me for my id afterwards, I won’t have to show them my yucky passport anymore!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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