Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Across this kiosk

I can't afford to nap anymore, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. There is no time in between. Rush. Rush. That's all I have become these past days.

My new job isn't really much demanding. As a matter of fact, it's very chill. But just all the traveling I do from school to the mall to home and so on and so forth. It is draining me and killing me and corroding my mind. I can feel it too.

I feel very stressed out. I can't catch my breath. And to top it off, we forgot to pay the electricty bill at home, so we have no water, no gas, and no power. Bummer. I need to shower and relax.

Angel. What have you done? All the money in the world isn't worth your time, your worrying, your turmoils and debacles. You should free yourself. Breakaway.

But I understand. I know. I must save up for that new computer I've been wanting. And for other things. And all that means is I must be a slave for a little longer. A little longer. I hope not to die before I can enjoy the fruits of my sacrifices.


  1. I can relate. If it was just the time at work that sucked me dry, that would be one thing. But the driving! That's the kicker. And then you have to pay for transportation, which feels like it sucks up half your paycheck.

  2. haha yah it's a bit insane, but it won't be forever