Friday, February 4, 2011

Fridays at Fullerton

Fridays at Fullerton College are completely different from the rest of the week. Everyone just seems more dedicated to getting whatever they have to do done, no questions asked. I think Fridays and Saturdays are for those students that are hard workers and have the motivation to go to school no matter the reasons behind their decision. I am not saying that those that come to school Monday through Thursday, like myself, are not dedicated and that we do not have the motivation to study and finish our classes. However, I just feel like they work harder and concentrate harder and longer. It is kind of refreshing to see such hard workers like the students that come on Fridays.

To me it is nice to see that I am not the only one with responsibilities and trying to work hard and schedule the rest of my life around my education. I know that sometimes we forget how hard we work and that education is a lot harder than we expect it to be, but i think when we do get reminded as to how hard we work and how much it will pay off in the end. I just want to congratulate those that work hard for what they want and to keep working as hard as you can. One day we will all look back and realize how accomplished we are.

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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