Sunday, April 3, 2011

April fool's day

Did you trick some people? I didn't. I used to do it a lot, but as I have grown up, I don’t feel it’s funny anymore. Well to clarify, it still IS funny but not worth planning for a long time to trick others for a moment. In Korea, we also have the same day. I think people in Korea take advantage of April fool’s day more than Americans do here. It’s because I haven’t really seen people trick others by planning for a long time, which means my friends and I used to plan to trick others for a few days. We were nuts and loved doing such things. I think I already talked about what my friends and I did in high school to trick one of our teachers last year here on the blog. I won’t repeat it, but just saying it was pretty funny.

I honestly didn’t even know it was April 1st this Friday. I went to the library in the morning and stayed there till 4, the time when the library closes on Fridays. There was a bunch of people that were dressed up for an event or something. For sure, something special and fun was going to happen on campus. I didn’t know what though. While I was studying in the library, I could hear all those kids outside screaming and yelling at each other and some music going on. First, it was hard to concentrate but it was okay after awhile.

I got back home after a couple of hours of studying. Since it was roasting outside at that time, I perspired a lot on the way home. My makeup was all messed and how I looked was just terrible haha. But I had a great day on April Fool’s day just seeing a ton of kids singing and having fun on campus. All of sudden, I miss being with my friends in Korea!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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