Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring break

Officially, spring break will start tomorrow, but since we had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, it seems like we have a full week and three more extra days. What have you done over the weekend? This weekend went pretty well for me. On Friday, after I woke up around 10 am, I headed to the library. I know it sounds so nerdy. Haha It is because I didn’t feel like my spring break had started and I just wanted to finish my usual work for history class, as I do every Friday. I slept as much as I could on Thursday though, and thanks to it, I concentrated on studying for a fairly long time. After I went back home, I took a long nap and went to my Friday bible study as usual. I had so much fun seeing friends and meeting new friends. On Saturday, I also overslept and woke up way later than I usually do. Then, I started watching all the Korean TV shows that I needed to catch up on. It was like heaven for me to fully relax the whole day. I also had a great day today, the sermon at church was so great and songs were good.
I have several one-day plans for the official spring break. Since I will spend a lot of money for my upcoming trips this summer, I decided not to go on a trip for spring break this time. Instead, I will go to Hollywood and K-town tomorrow with friends as one of my plans. I will go to the beach, universal studios, and eat Korean barbeque with friends (These are my one-day plans). Other than these, I will probably do assignments, read books and study for exams coming right after spring break.
We have been dying for this, haven’t we? Hopefully you have great plans that can make your stress go away. Have a wonderful spring break.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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