Monday, April 18, 2011

Research Paper

I'm so excited spring break is finally here. It feels weird to have it so late in the semester though. Once the break is over I only have three weeks of school left. Which is awesome! I hope all of you have some fun planned and get to enjoy the beautiful spring weather we've been having. Although it is spring break there is tons of things I need to work on. I'm writing a research paper on the effects of reality tv. I picked this topic thinking it might be easy. Instead it turns out to be a very difficult topic because there haven't been many studies to find the effects. But regardless of the lack of evidence it's been really fun reading what other people think of reality shows. Personally I watch them but I don't get too involved. I think it's funny how these shows try to capture "real life". I don't know about you but I don't go around screaming and yelling at my friends nor do I become violent either. The maturity level on these shows, as we all know, is that of a 13-year-old. Through my research I have noticed a growing concern regarding the effects it will have society. As with most things if you take too much the end result is never a good one. Everything in moderation is the best way to go. But with reality tv taking over the airwaves it then becomes difficult to escape. Some fear that the perceptions of people will change to believe that what happens on these shows IS real life. It's similar to watching the news...the more you watch the less you become informed and more afraid of the world. Studies show those who watch too much news say the world is a horrible place because of what they see. And in turn become more paranoid and scared of the outside world. Same goes for watching too many horror movies. I LOVE horror movies but there are times when I'm closing the frig door or look up in the mirror from washing my face and half except someone to be standing there. It's silly I know but my mind has been conditioned to believe someone WILL be there. I believe reality tv will have a negative effect on our society. The messages they send and portray are never a positive one. Therefore the end result could never be positive. Although this class [mass media survey] isn't teaching me anything I already didn't know, I mean I am a child of the this era, it's interesting to study the effects and relate them to my own life. Afterall I am not excluded from this research, I'm as much part it as the people I am studying. Do any of you think reality tv is harmful? I would love to know what you think... Stay Classy FC! Janet

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