Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Lately I have I realized how important my friends really are in life. I feel that I would not be able to get through half the things I do without my friends. We all have our own opinions and we know that we can feel free to share those opinions with each other when we need to or when a person asks for advice.

I was looking around online, searching for poems that expressed how I really feel about my friends and the friendships that I have with them. To me this poem is the epitome of how I feel about all the friends I have in my life. They mean the world to me and have been there for me like I have been for them. I really do not have just friends that I talk to occasionally, I have best friends. All of my friends are my best friends. I can tell them anything and they can tell me anything. I know that I have made it clear to them that they can feel free to express themselves to me and they have done the same in return. Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am to have such great friends and this is a tribute to them. I want all of my friends both old and new to know how much I appreciate them and love them!! I would not make it every day with the struggles I have in my life without them. Thanks to everyone that has been there for me and I will continue to be there for all of you!

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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