Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Madness

          I hope you all made it out of there okay. I feel like Black Friday isn't as big a deal here in California as it is in other states, where reports of tramplings and deaths occurred, so I hope you all stayed safe and scored some really good deals! 
         What really helped me this year was this app I downloaded, called Shopular. I downloaded it a couple days before Black Friday, just because the App Store recommended it, but man it was so nice to have around Black Friday. I'm aware I'm telling you guys too late, but this app is beneficial to your shopping lives even on a daily basis, not just for Black Friday! And yes, it is free!
          So when you first download it, it asks you to choose your favorite stores (mostly retail) and so the next time you open up the app, it'll show you all the deals you can find on your favorite stores. Whatever promotion or coupons the store is currently giving away will be right there on your screen. And they'll all be compiled together so it's literally pages and pages of deals! I don't know about you, but I got really excited about it. They have the coupon right there for you to tap and show up on your screen, no retail store mailing list necessary. Yeah, you know how in order to get coupons and freebies you have to join your favorite retail store's email club but you get a coupon like once every 2 months and flyers promoting themselves every other day in your inbox? Yeah, you can save yourself that problem now. No emails necessary with Shopular, which is such a plus for me because I am literally deleting 20 emails of promotions everyday.
          The reason I say it helped a lot during Black Friday was that I knew the deals before I even reached the stores. Everything would show up! I'd open the app, and it'd show me all the stores nearby me participating in Black Friday, and how. I didn't have to walk to the stores to see how good of a deal it would be, I just opened up the app and it told me everything I needed to know. It takes your location and finds all the stores near you and lets you know all the goodies you can score. 
          At first I thought this app was a blessing, helping me get 50% off sweaters and $10 off boots, but then I realized that every single time they notified me of a new "UP TO 70% AT YOUR H&M FOR BLACK FRIDAY" or "TODAY ONLY: BUY 3 GET 3 FREE AT BATH & BODY WORKS" it just made me want to go buy stuff SO BAD. If I were in blissful ignorance of all the deals happening around me, my wallet and I would probably be a whole lot happier. Then again, I bought a $10 sweater the other day and it was originally $22 so............
          Yeah, definitely a blessing and a curse. Anyways, I hope you all had a safe and successful Black Friday! (Next year download Shopular oh man it'll help you so much)

Joy ☼

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