Friday, November 8, 2013

GUEST POST: Meet Student Ambassador Nayeli

Motivating Future Fullerton College Students

My name is Nayeli Rodriguez . I am a Student Ambassador for the Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 semesters at Fullerton College and I am very much enjoying serving prospective students and current students. This is my last year at Fullerton College and with that said I am getting ready to transfer!  My objective is to obtain a Bachelor's in Speech Pathology in Communicative Disorders and one of the goals I have with this career is to incorporate Music in it.  Who knew Music and science could go together so well! This semester getting a taste of our music department has been an enjoyable challenge and I have learned so much in just one semester. Making the transfer from being a Biology and Chemistry student to Music this semester has been very exciting; I have had to put the same effort for all those subjects because they all require discipline, plenty of studying, and practice.  No wonder Fullerton College is #1  in the state for music; the teachers and music students here are very dedicated and talented. As a Student Ambassador this semester I have attended  college fairs to represent Fullerton College and every conversation I have had with a prospective student has been one of motivating them to explore different things while being a college student. I have talked to many prospective students who have done their research in the career they want and who know the process of enrolling etc. and I have talked to other students who know they should be going to college because that is what everyone tells them , but do not know exactly what college is and the questions they should be asking in a college fair. I find gratitude in my Job with the students that have no clue to what college is because then I am able to tell them about my classes and my journey through FJC  which to them is very valuable especially if they are 1st generation college students. If anybody motivates anyone to enroll in a higher education institute I believe that person is making an impact on the other person's life because we cannot assume that everyone knows already what college is and how to go about it. Going to college is one of the many biggest decisions we will make in our life and I feel honored to be able to help students get that foot in the door of opportunity that college opens. 

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