Monday, November 25, 2013


         If you are unfortunate (or fortunate if you've got mad cooking skills) enough to be tasked with the role of providing for your family, fear not! This BuzzFeed article has got you covered. Easiest Thanksgiving Ever
         It's Thanksgiving 101! It's great for people that have never done the main preparations before (like me) with the turkey and stuffing and all that great stuff. This article has step-by-step instructions with really awesome pictures and clear directions starting from thawing your turkey to carving it to perfection . You should really get started though, because it's already Monday and according to BuzzFeed, it'll take four days to thaw!
         This article has got everything from literally every single ingredient you'll need--not just for the turkey, but the whole thanksgiving meal--to how to make the perfect pumpkin pie. 
          I would suggest working on this with a partner or the rest of your family. Delegate! While you're working on the turkey, your cousins or siblings can get the pie covered and someone else can get to mashed potatoes and gravy (yup, it's all in the article!)
          So if it's up to you or your immediate family to make the food this Thanksgiving for your extended family, no need to stress! And whether or not you're having a traditional Thanksgiving with your extended family with a giant ceramic turkey centerpiece or a Friendsgiving with your roommates and some pizza, don't forget to have a great one !

Joy ☼

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