Monday, November 25, 2013

The Mastermind Group

Find others who will help you in your path. One or more individuals who are as committed to a path of growth and development as you are. Regularly meet with them, online or in person, if possible, to go over your goals, both long- and short-term.

The reason for this is to have others to be accountable to. Alone, it’s too easy to let things slide, to be easy on ourselves. If we know that we are going to be accountable to others, it encourages us to accomplish what we need to.

It can be a group of two, if necessary. It would be great if it were your primary romantic partner — that can be a powerful energy builder.

Everyone in the group must be aligned with these success ideas and committed to encouraging everyone else — just one negative voice can derail the energy.

It’s important to have reliable people to get feedback from, to bounce ideas off of. Working alone, it’s too easy to fool ourselves, to go in bad directions. Having others who are capable and knowledgeable to guide us is invaluable. We can’t see our own blind spots. There’s more truth in a bigger view. Two heads are better than one.

No matter what you intend to accomplish, you must do it with other people. Whether you want to establish a career or business, run for public office, create art, recover from an illness, succeed at a sport, have a happy family, make new discoveries, etc., everything requires the involvement of others somewhere in process. What we accomplish, is always accomplished as a group. The Mastermind group literalizes this.


Dave Roel.
What kind of 70 year old do you want to be? Well, whatever it is, you'd better get started working on it.
- Mushtaq Ali

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