Friday, November 8, 2013

GUEST POST: Meet Student Ambassador Christine

            Hello! My name is Christine Lu. I am currently working as a Student Ambassador at Fullerton College. I have been studying here at Fullerton College since Spring 2012. I am majoring in English and is planning to transfer to either UCLA or UCI next year fall.
            I can certainly say that this semester is the busiest semester I have ever had. I am mostly taking courses that apply to my major this fall and am working inside and outside of school. I want to share briefly about my experience as a Student Ambassador here. I feel this responsibility that wasn't there before. Before, this responsibility was merely for my own good. For instance, taking many classes as I can, in order to get out of here as soon as possible and transfer. Yet, ever since I came here, my view towards community college changed dramatically. I was exposed to variety of programs, like Honors Program, that revealed hidden potentials inside of me. I also received my first scholarship from the Fullerton College Foundation during my first semester.  As a receiver of such great benefits, I have been looking forward to share these good news to others. Thankfully, through one of the students who graduated from Fullerton College, I had gotten to know about and apply for Student Ambassador position.
            One of the major requirements for this position is a satisfactory public speaking skill. As a former ESL student, speaking in English in front of people somehow plummeted my confidence, ever since I came to the United States. Moreover, since English is my fourth language, I had to work extra harder in English classes throughout my years in middle and high school. I believe that through this opportunity, I will be able to break out of this shell and escape from the comfort zone. Hence, I am currently taking Speech class here, to become the best representative that I can possibly become for Fullerton College.
            Next semester is going to be the last semester I will be spending at Fullerton College. I want my last semester here to be the most memorable and productive one. Since I have completed majority of the courses I need to take, I want to explore some elective classes, such as classes that do not necessarily apply to my major, in Spring 2014. There is a famous saying that goes "All is well that ends well". I want to leave a lasting impact and footprint here as I leave, as a Student Ambassador and a fan of Fullerton College.

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