Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Criticized for Wearing a Hat

Sometimes you may see me around school wearing a beret. the beret is a U.S. military beret with a light blue unit insignia patch. I have been criticized multiple times or been told to take the beret off by people that served in the military. There is different reasons for their request. Some say it's disrespectful because I am not a veteran. Others say that it is because I am not wearing any other part of the uniform.

I don't believe I'll stop wearing the beret. I'm going to keep wearing it. I'm not wearing it to be disrespectful. One reason I think it's completely fine to wear the beret is that it's my freedom and U.S. veterans fight for one thing. What is it you ask? Freedom. If our nation is based upon that one idea than I shouldn't be lectured or chastised for wearing it.

After I started receiving slight threats and heat from students I started to do my own research. I have many friends that are veterans or currently serving in the military. I've asked them if they take offense and they say no. It's not that I don't respect the military. I don't believe in war, but I do understand that the military "most of the time" fights for freedom of the American citizens.

Lastly, I almost see it as respect for the military. If I really had a problem with the military I wouldn't wear the beret. I can see how it would be disrespectful if I was wearing it to be facetious, but it is not for that reason. I don't think I need a right to wear a hat.

I think I am going to continue to wear the beret and if someone tries to stop me I will politely tell them my reasons and ask them to let me be. I no longer want to be threatened by Marine Corps for wearing a hat.

Fight the power!

Liam Harder

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