Wednesday, November 13, 2013

21 Days

          Sorry for not posting recently, FCers! But I finally have time to settle down and update you guys! Unfortunately, still no word on Chloe, from , but it's okay. I'm confident she'll be adopted soon!

          Anyways, did you guys know that 21 days is all it takes to form a habit? That's 3 straight weeks of repeating the same thing, and it gets turned into a habit. Like say, if waking up early is extremely hard for you and you decide to start sleeping before midnight, try doing that for three weeks straight! Come fourth week, it won't be a hardship anymore, it'll come naturally. You won't even really have to think about it. 
          So a couple weeks ago, my church decided to start the Love 21 Project, a consecutive three week long project where we participated in at least one random act of kindness every day. It could range from a tiny little thing to complimenting a stranger's choice of clothing to donating time and energy to help feed the homeless in Downtown LA. The goal was that once we began our random acts of kindness, they'd stick and we'd all become much more compassionate people and wouldn't have to think twice about helping out a person out or picking up litter on the quad on the way to class. We just finished up the project, but campuses all over the US are still participating!!love21/c247o It's pretty cool, and it comes with a suggestive guide if you don't know what act of kindness to do for the day. Feel free to check it out! (= 


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