Friday, November 8, 2013

GUEST POST: Meet Student Ambassador Suman

            Hello everyone!! My name is Suman Khadka and I am one of the student ambassadors at Fullerton college. I applied to become a student ambassador because I was keen to get involved with the Fullerton college, meet new people, and work with fellow ambassadors. The flexibility of the work available allows me to do as much or as little as it suits me and my timetable during the semester. The work is really enjoyable and rewarding, and it gives an insight to how each and every department at Fullerton college functions. So if you are NOT planning to transfer next Fall, make sure you all apply for the Student Ambassador position when the application opens for next term. I am sure you will enjoy it!
            We are already more than halfway through the semester and it is kind-of shocking to be honest. If you are a FALL 2014 transferring student like me, I bet you will agree with me that the second half is going to be even more frantic because of the CSU's and UC's transfer applications. Therefore time management is crucial. No matter how long you want to cuddle in the bed during the chilly mornings or no matter how much you want to watch each and every innings of the World Series, the point is that time management is the key to success during this semester. In the light of this, I have drastically cut down my "sports time" during this semester. Instead I have been focusing on college applications and transfer-center workshops organized by the Cadena Transfer Center. Furthermore I have already contacted my professors' for letters for recommendations for some private colleges and scholarships. Hopefully you all are doing the same as well... Ta-da. 

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