Friday, November 1, 2013

Half way.., Keep on Truckin'

My first semester at fullerton college is complete and I couldn't be more jazzed. I'm lovimg all  of my classes and most of them are pretty easy.

In my music theory class I'm one of the top students. This is probably because I took the same course in high school. All my tests are easy and unlike most people I find music theory fun and interesting. For the people that did not pass the midterm they will receive no credit for the class and receive a "W" for withdrawal.

My critical thinking class, READ 142, was not as eqasy as simply sailing through music theory. I felt that most of the material that we were tested on was never covered in class. I felt like my teacher prepared us poorly. I did not do well on the midterm. I am dreading seeing my score in a couple of weeks.

Mens Chorale is my favorite class. We don't have any traditional final. but something much more terrifiying.... A PERFORMANCE! Mens chorale is having their first performance on november 6th along with womens chorale. We are not ready for the performance and it happens to be on wednesday. I hope we can get it together

My favoriter class is on friday called concert hour. Every friday we watch an hour long performance. I've seen barberwshop quartets,choirs,guitar trios and many other acts.

Lastly my writing class does not have a final, but many essays are required. The class was a workload at first, but you eventually get into the flow and the class gets better.


Stay informed to stay cool.

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