Friday, November 8, 2013

Random items

Daylight Savings time ended, moving back to Pacific Standard time. As usual, I did not change the clock in my room, leaving it an hour ahead until next spring. I pick up the habit of making that adjustment when I look at it very easily. If it’s 8:50, I just think that in ten minutes it will be eight o’clock. It’s not difficult at all to keep track. Most of my time checking is done on a computer, anyway. The clock in my room is almost an archaic artifact now.

Another comic I’m currently enjoying is Clive Barker’s Next Testament. Definitely not for everybody, but I’m enjoying it.

A saying I like is no one can insult me without my cooperation. If an insult is given, but it is not picked up by someone, did the insult happen? If a tree falls in a forest with nothing around to hear, does it make a sound? You'd have to define what sound is. Is sound the vibrations given off by an event, or are those vibrations not sound until they hit an audial receiving instrument which translates it into the experience of sound? Is sound a phenomenon that exists independent of whether it is heard, or is it only sound once it is interpreted as such by a consciousness? Is an insult something that exists independent of a receiver, or is it only an insult once it has been interpreted as such? You’d have to define your terms carefully.



Dave Roel.
We taste terrible.
- Sam Dinkin, winning entry in the Space Show's first message to space competition.

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