Sunday, October 20, 2013

Puppy In Need of a Home!

Meet Chloe, this little (or not so little) baby that needs a home: 
Her name is Chloe! She is a pitbull/boxer mix and is currently at a temporary home waiting for her new parents (that could be you!) to adopt her.
Now I know that you could be thinking that pitbulls are aggressive, hard to control, and wild. Contrary to popular belief, pitbulls are trained to be aggressive, not born. They have been pitted against each other and cast as undomestic canines, but that's actually against their nature. They're loving and sweet, and Chloe is no exception. And boxer is just a complete misnomer. Did you know that boxers used to be known as "America's Favorite"?!
Chloe was found abandoned by the street when a woman brought her into the animal hospital my friend works at, which is how I know she needs a home. Yes, the lady who found her would love to take her home except she already has ELEVEN dogs. She lives by a place where dogs are often abandoned, and after repeatedly rescuing them, she unfortunately has absolutely no room left for a twelfth dog.

Here's all you need to know:
  • She's 8 months old, so still kinda young
  • She'll definitely still grow, but not by much more
  • ALL HER SHOTS ARE TAKEN CARE OF, & she's spayed.
  • There aren't too many white pitbull/boxers out there so okay SPECIAL DOG
  • She's great with kids and other dogs--the other 11 dogs had no problem with her, and they all range from 5 pounds to 80, so that's a huge variety of canine!
  • She adores swimming and water
  • She's very active yet not high-maintenanced
  • She's extremely sweet! Have some proof:

So I know we're just all a bunch of poor college kids, but you can adopt her FOR FREEEE ! All she needs is someone to love on her, shelter her, and feed her. The only real thing you'll probably have to pay for is dog food.

So if you ever get lonely in your apartment or house...
Or even if you're just considering it, leave a comment with your number/email below if you're interested so I can give you more details to adopt Chloe!
Joy ☼

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  1. This is great what you are doing! i would adopt her but unfortunately, i'm allergic. :( Good luck helping her find a home though!