Sunday, March 20, 2011


One of my favorite TV shows is Friends. I got the whole season on dvd to watch whenever I want, about two years ago. I bet all of you guys have seen this show at least once before. The episodes are very related to our normal lives, and that’s one of the reasons why I love this show. I like all of the characters in Friends but my favorite of them is definitely Joey because his “dumb” face and jokes make me laugh to death. There are various stories between each of six friends in this show, and I remember probably most of them.

Once I get into something I like, I usually can’t help but continue with it. Yesterday, I was watching TV and wanted to see Friends all of sudden. And I did. I started with the first season and guess what? I am already watching the end of season two. Gosh, I feel like I won’t stop until I finish the whole season. While I ran on the treadmill last night, I saw two or three of these episodes that made me laugh hard while grasping and I was about to fall down off the treadmill. I would have broken my ankle or something because I was running so hard. Anyway, I love this show the most. This distracts my plans of studying and completing all the homework for next week. So I ended up hearing it while I’m studying. Isn’t it stupid? But well I’m still hearing.

I think the casting directors are genius. How could they sense that these six unknown people could fit in each character perfectly? Of course the six did a great job but all I want to say is that the directors made a perfect decision for the show. As a student who wants to be a TV producer in the future, my ultimate goal is to make a great TV show that people can love for a long long time.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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