Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So many awkward things have happened to me these last couple of days. I know this is probably going to sound really bad but it was hilarious and I really do not think that I can pass this up and put it away for safe keeping. I am a very funny person and sometimes I do the stupidest things. For example, I am taking Human Sexuality and I knew that I would be a few minutes late because I was talking with a friend and I was in no rush to leave and get to class. I ended up going to the restroom right before I went to class which made me a few extra minutes later than I would have been to begin with.

I get to class about seven minutes late, and when I walk in there is a picture of a penis and vagina on the white board and the title, "Why people do not like to use condoms". I walked in from the far back door just expecting to sit in my seat without even being noticed, however, as I walked in the Professor asked me that question. "Why do people not like to use condoms?" I just wanted to sit down as quickly as possible and before I could even think about it I was already saying something. It came out like word vomit, "Because it feels better without them!" She proceeded to write it on the board without hesitation and I took my seat. As soon as I sat down the guy in the seat next to me leaned over to me and said, "Hi, I'm Joe what's your name?" I was so embarrassed!!! I could not believe that I had just said that in a class of over one hundred students. I believe I just learned my lesson the hard way about punctuality. I will never again be late to that class!

I know it is Human Sexuality but I never thought that some of the guys in that class would be so creepy. Why would you introduce yourself to someone after that? It was so incredibly awkward. I am dreading going to class in the next hour because I really do not want "Joe" to sit next to me again. I think I will make sure to sit in between two girls today. Do not get me wrong the class is so much fun and I really enjoy the Professor she is hilarious, but creepers should not be allowed to take the class.

Well everyone...
Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber


  1. HAHAHA thats a awsome story LMAO

  2. I know and I really couldn't help myself I had to share the story with everyone else. it was to good to keep to myself...

  3. hahaha i literally laughed out loud. good one!!

  4. thanks, super embarrassing though hahaha