Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lame Alert!

Ok so normally I don’t waste my time with things like this and it may turn out to be a COMPLETE waste of time. But what the hell, why not, right?

I love Facebook the way a fat kid loves chocolate cake, (btw I love chocolate cake too!) but sometimes I regret adding a few people. They are people from my past, ones I kicked out of my life for a reason. But since almost 10 years has passed I figured why not add them. I mean they took the time to hunt me down the least I can do is give them shot. Maybe they’ve changed… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Although the activity they do on their page has no effect on me whatsoever, I still see it in my news feed. I guess I wouldn’t mind as much if it weren’t so hostile and negative.

They discuss fighting people and get into arguments with them. They talk like they’re big n tough and “will beat anyone down.” Ok that was quoted verbatim. I know right, it’s just sad. That entire attitude should have been left behind in high school.

We are no longer on campus trying to prove that we’re worth something. I don’t understand the mentality of being “macho”. Especially in women! I firmly believe people shouldn't take themselves that seriously. You wind up looking like an idiot when you do.

It's lame to post on Facebook that you want to beat someone up. What purpose does it serve to verbally harass someone on Facebook or beating them up for that matter? Personally I wouldn’t want to bring more aggravation to my life by harassing the person who hurt me.

But I know everyone is different. And I’ve taken enough psyche classes to recognize the reasons people act “macho”. Although I can’t help but pity them and hope one day they will wise up.

Well that’s my rant for the week. I realize it’s a bit on the lame side and kind of naïve. But when I see over 100 negative comments hanging off someone’s post I can’t help but wonder the purpose. I dunno maybe it’s just me…

Stay Classy FC,


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