Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great day

I had a great day today. First, my host parents had a birthday party for their friend at our house, so more than thirty people came over to our house to celebrate it. Because I had a ton of homework, and two tests were coming up for Monday, I went to the library in the morning and came back home around 3p.m. to enjoy the birt hday party a bit. Well, honestly for the food rather than the party, since the party was almost over at that time.

Second, my bible study group had a party at the student union center of Cal state Fullerton. We played free bowling, free pool, free ping-pong and had free pizza sponsored by the bible study group leaders. Since I love playing sports, I did pretty well on bowling and ping-pong. But I did horrible on pool because I kept letting the white ball go into the holes. My teammate kept complaining about me haha.

I just got back, and need to prepare for my exams on Monday after I finish an assignment for my Monday night class. I had been really busy with homework and exams, but am so glad I had so much fun today. Sometimes refreshing your mine might help you study better, so I recommend you to refresh yourselves a bit if you have been stressed out with school. Wish you all the best!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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