Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ever since I was younger I thought that the older we got the less we would have nightmares and sooner or later they would all just go away altogether. I guess I was wrong! I was so tired yesterday that as soon as I got home I went right to sleep. Lately I have been having trouble sleeping through the night, I am constantly tossing and turning and I cannot figure out why.

Last night was different though. I slept for like maybe three hours and then woke up to use the restroom and went right back to sleep. Once I went to sleep again I had nightmares for the rest of the time I tried to sleep. It was so real that I started to breathe heavy and even woke up with tears running down my cheeks. I cannot even remember the last time this has happened to me where it was that bad.

I think the nightmares could be God's way of telling me that it is really time that I fix some things in my life. I need to make some major improvements and kick some people out of my life. They are doing way more damage then good for me in my life. And last nights nightmare was proof of all that. I have been up since 6am this morning and the time change did not help either. I am ready to knock out already, hopefully tonight's sleep will do me some justice.

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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