Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shopping for Condoms!

Because of my Human Sexuality class I have an assignment called "condoms". I have to go to a Drug Store or a Sex/Condom Store to do the assignment. There were plenty of options of where to go but I decided to go to a Sex Shop in Brea called 'Touch of Romance'. I did not want to go on my own and look like a weirdo hoovering over the condoms and writing down all this information about them by myself, so I forced my guy friend into coming with me. We went to breakfast this morning and then headed to Brea for our expedition. There is a total of six questions that were asked, but each question has multiple parts to it. I thought the entire experience would be awkward but it was actually completely opposite. It was really comfortable and actually kind of hilarious!

There are so many different kinds that I have never seen or heard of for that matter. The funny thing was that I was really there just doing research for homework and that is what it felt like. I think it was such a great learning experience for me. Not learning about the condoms but learning that I am mature enough to handle awkward situations where I am out of my natural element and can turn it into a positive and comfortable environment. I am so grateful that my friend went with me and helped me with my research. I think that is part of the reason it was not uncomfortable for me.

I am so content with him that nothing seems weird even if it is out of the ordinary. He just wants to see me succeed and if that means that he has to help me with something, especially like that, he is willing to do so. A lot of people do not get that lucky to have such great friends like that. I really do appreciate him going with me because he was the one reading all the labels and finding all the info that I needed. I was just the one writing everything down so I did not have to deal with the merchandise much.

Thank you so much to my dear friend!
Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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