Monday, March 7, 2011

Stiletos and Giant Pink Rabbits

So I'm going to ignore the fact that it is Monday and transport myself back to Friday.

I went to the Fullerton Art Walk with my best friend, Jessica. It was her first one since she's been back home. It was a blast! We walked around the shops and bought some awesome hair accessories from local vender's. I think it's important to support the locals whenever possible.

But the highlight of the night was PAS and Hibbleton gallery. They are my favorite part of every art walk. I absolutely love all the art they feature. One artist paints little ninjas and woodland creatures. He was selling merchandise which of course neither one of us could pass up. We bought buttons with our favorite ninjas on them for a $1. After pinning them to our shirts we strolled on over to the wine table... at which we ran into the artist who paints the ninjas. Complements came flying from our mouths and he was excited to see such adoring fans.

Then all the way in the back of the gallery there was a photo booth with props! Turns out Jessica knew the people running it. We took picture after picture. One with fake mustaches, the other with crazy eye glasses! Wish I had them to show you but she's in the process of making copies for me. I'll post them once I get them.

Then we moved on over to the gallery next door and had more fun than anyone in there. I think people thought we were on drugs. Well anywhere we go people usually do. We have a lot of energy and it's not uncommon for us to get a few glances. Nevertheless, we always have fun.

The picture below is a piece of metal screwed into the floor to patch up a hole that was created by... and I quote "Someone with stiletos and a big ass broke my floor!" So much for trying to look sexy...

Stay Classy FC,


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