Friday, October 11, 2013

4 Easy Hikes in the Fullerton Area

I love the outdoors, but because I'm from riverside it took me a while to find any place to go for a walk.  After about two weeks I decided to look around and I've found what I think are some of the best hikes in the Orange County area.

1. Castlewood Trail- If you're looking for a leisurely day hike this is definitely the place for you. This hike, which is about a mile, is part of the 12 mile bike loop commonly known as the Fullerton Loop. This hike is good if you ever need some quiet time or have an hour or so between classes. If your looking for a place with absolutely no sign of civilization thos might not be the best hike, but in the right conditions you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the ocean and if you're lucky maybe even Catalina Island. If you like this one I would urge you to check out other trails in the Fullerton Loop.If you want to avoid bicyclists, try to go in the morning on weekdays or in the afternoon.

2. Juanita Cooke Greenbelt and Trail- This trail is great. very easy and only about 3 and a half miles. This trail is available for cyclists, mountain bikers, and even horses. The weirdest part about this trail is that it is so green and lush, but the trail ends near Downtown Fullerton right on Harbor Blvd. I recommend this trail to any runners because of the nearly incline free terrain. There is shade all around so sunscreen is not a necessity. This trail is perfect during the winter and spring seasons.

3. Carbon Canyon Regional Park- When I first heard about this park I didn't believe it because I was told there was a grove of Sequoia Redwood's in the park. I decided to check it out and sure enough there is a grove of them. You have to hike through the park to get to the trail head, and then it's about a 3.5 mile hike to the grove or you can take the slightly easier 2.4 mile loop. This trail is dog, horse, and bicycle friendly. You want to make sure to bring a hat and sunscreen considering there is not much shade once on the trail.

4. Fullerton Creek- I love this hike in particular because it reminds me of the trails in Riverside. It is only about 1 mile and the scenery is idyllic. If your looking for more of a challenge there is an exercise  part of the trail, and it is also a nice place to go if you are a runner. The hike usually takes about one hour. Either a hat or sunscreen could go to good use

Staying informed is staying hip.

Liam Harder

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