Monday, October 14, 2013

And there goes the weekend...

         Weekends really are too short, aren't they? Back to school bright and early Monday morning, unfortunately. Luckily for me, I don't have class till noon. Unluckily for me, that is possibly the worst time to find parking. Whenever I get there right before 7 AM, there are always spots. But by noon, I have to spend about ten minutes looking for a space and then walk ten more minutes just to get to class. Can't wait for that tomorrow!

          Also, I did the dumbest thing. I felt like such a stupid first-year! My teacher senior year warned us, again and again, that we would not be so lucky once we went to college. We'd have tests and he'd pass out the scantron and he'd tell us, "These things are not as cheap as you think. Not that you know. But you will, next year! You will have to BUY YOUR OWN SCANTRONS." Then he would laugh and call us suckers. And then my professor told us, "don't forget to buy your scantrons don't forget to buy your scantrons" and right after class on Monday, I stopped by the FC bookstore--wow I was impressed that place is really neat it's not even like a bookstore it's like a little convenience store for college students--to buy my scantrons. I was like, PREPARED. 

         Except, come Monday morning, I was rushing to leave and I was thinking, "okay, exam today. So I don't need my book, I don't need any paper, I don't need any anything except for a number two pencil and an eraser and then I am outta there." (I love that, by the way. In high school I was always done with my tests early because I don't like to double check--I scan my answers over if that counts! And I had to entertain myself for the time remaining except I had to keep quiet and I'd usually forget to bring something to read so I'd have to just sit there twiddling my thumbs for half an hour. Now that I can just go straight home instead of sit idly, it's amazing. I know everyone else is used to it but I'm still not. I feel so cool leaving before the other half of the class...don't judge me. I'm new at this. 

         Okay but anyways, I felt totally ready. I had reviewed my study guide mentally, my mechanical pencil was stocked fully with lead, and you know, I was just ready! I sat down and saw everybody else waiting like me, except they all had scantrons on their desks. I looked up at my professor to see her begin passing out the tests, and my first thought was, "Crap, I'm late so she must have passed out the scantrons without me!" So I looked around to find her extras, only to not find any. Obviously. So I began panicking. Even though I went out to BUY MY SCANTRONS, it was a week later and I had completely forgotten I was no longer in high school and that I had to bring my own scantron to class. My brain just reverted to high school mode or something, because just sitting down waiting for the test, I was also waiting for the scantron that accompanied it. 
          I was just lucky the girl sitting behind me had brought her whole pack with her and was nice enough to spare one. I'm just gonna hope I never make that mistake again, because next time there may not be a person to save me!

Joy ☼

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