Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Overcoming the negative voices

One more thing about goal setting: Make sure your goals are specific. Instead of saying that you want to lose weight, put an exact amount on it. Instead of saying you want to be rich, put an exact amount on it. Instead of saying you want to help humanity or the world, put a specific thing that you will accomplish. This will give you a measurable way to determine progress. It also helps to put a definite time for the goal’s accomplishment.

As we work on improving our lives, we must be cautious about the negative voices that tell us we can’t do it. These voices can be external to us, coming from friends or family, or they could be internal voices, our internal doubts and fears plaguing us. These voices are insidious, and can sabotage our best efforts towards growth and progress. Whether external or internal, we must develop ways to counter those negative voices. The external voices of people around us will have to be regulated -- we require a network of understanding friends and family who are giving us positive and encouraging support as we work towards our goals. The internal voices are trickier. As we attempt to improve our lives, unconscious resistances may get stirred up. We will need to have some way to process them, if we do not wish for them to derail our efforts. Journaling, meditation, therapy, etc., some form of emotional processing that we can use to overcome those negative voices is absolutely essential in our efforts to work towards our goals.


Dave Roel.
You are better than you’re allowing yourself to be.
- Scott Sonnon

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