Friday, October 11, 2013

Dave's Favorite Writers 3

More of my favorite writers.

Alan Moore. I hardly need to be the one to offer praise for Alan Moore. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the last thirty years. I love him for the same reasons everyone else does: his solid craftsmanship, his delicious prose style, his penetrating insight, his champion imagination, his wealth of knowledge and erudition, his perceptive understanding of psychology and society, his rich characterizations, his smart, clever humor, his deft ability at empathetic characterization, and his sheer, raw power to tell a damn good story.

You feel smarter after reading Alan Moore. You feel you know more about how the world works. You know something you didn’t before. If you’ve never read anything of his, check him out, and for goodness’ sake, never watch any movie based on one of his books. If you have, forget it and read the book — the book is better.

Here’s the opening of one of my favorite Alan Moore stories.

Neil Gaiman. Again, not an obscure writer. He’s one of the most well-known authors on the planet. If you’re any kind of a regular fiction reader at all, chances are you have an opinion of him already. But his popularity shouldn’t obscure honest assessment of his work. His fame is due entirely to his ability — he really is quite a good writer. But I don’t need to be the one to offer encomiums to him. You’ll be able to find plenty.

Here’s a completely random bit from Sandman.

Now here's a fun cartoon.


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